What Those Suffering from JOINT PAIN Should Know About Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. David Steenblock, BS, MS, DO – Regenerative medicine expert

The most common cause of joint pain is “wear and tear” arthritis. You may feel and hear a  grating sensation and your knees/back/shoulders pop or crack. The more you use these worn down joints, the pain gets worse and worse and you often suffer so much that you no longer can use the joint much without excruciating pain.

There are hundreds of remedies on the market for people with these problems but we all know that when there are many remedies available, none are very effective. The most common remedies sold for osteoarthritis are treatments which dull symptoms of pain without offering any real healing to reverse the arthritis or inflammation of the joint(s).

Whether you’re just beginning to notice these indications or have endured them for some time,  you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 54.4 million adults in the United States (22.7%) annually are diagnosed by their doctor as having arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and other joint and mobility related conditions such as gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia. Of the over 100 forms of arthritis – Osteoarthritis, or joint pain caused by the degradation of cartilage, is the most prevalent.

Many blame the often life-altering joint pain on the inevitability of growing old. However, Osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease, isn’t something you “just have to get used to” or a condition you should be expected to “learn to live with.” Today’s adults are much more active than previous generations. People in their fifties, sixties and beyond desire to remain engaged in exercise and outdoor activities until later in life. Unfortunately, the various forms of arthritis can cut short the active years of even the healthiest of adults, limiting recreation and other pleasures of an energetic lifestyle.

How Stem Cells Can Support Better Joint Health

The human body is continually producing stem cells. You’re doing so right now as you read this  article. Scientific research shows that stem cells are essentially cell ‘seeds’ produced to renew every aspect of our body. All new cell regeneration comes from stem cells which serve as the raw materials to keep organs, bones, the blood, hair, skin, and everything else which makes up our physical structure. The main supply of your healing stem cells comes from your bone marrow of the bones of your legs and hips. Stem cells grow inside your bones in the bone marrow and are stimulated to grow and to be released into your blood circulation by exercise! The problem with this, is that the more you exercise the more strenuous tension builds up in often already-disrepaired joints!  Weightlifting is a good alternative to cardio for those who have joint pain but wish to mobilize their stem cells. The more weight you put on the bones, the more stem cells proliferate and the more active role your body takes in beginning to heal itself.

Another way to encourage the growth and release of your bone marrow stem cells is the use of  an all natural product developed for this purpose by Dr. David Steenblock, D.O. of Personalized Regenerative Medicine in San Clemente, California.

“I named the product Stemgevity,” says Dr. Steenblock, “My lab tests at the Steenblock Research Institute show that taking three capsules per day optimizes the growth and release of one’s own stem cells.  Usually, you can start feeling relief after three weeks of daily consumption. In my opinion, it makes more sense to take a supplement that helps you heal as compared to just taking something that gives intermittent pain relief. For those who suffer from constant or debilitating joint pain, consider coming into the office to discuss your issue(s) and whether stem cells would suit you.  If you do, any money you have spent on Stemgevity will be applied to your office visit or stem cell treatments. Why wait? If you are like me you want to explore all of the possibilities. There are many choices for non-surgical treatment for joint osteoarthritis.  Using injections such as PRP (platelet rich plasma), ozone therapy, hyaluronic acid, steroids – all  of which need to be repeated every 2-3 months with no end in sight. Stem cells, on the other hand, in-general give a minimum of two years of improvement as long as the patient does not put undue stress on their joints thereafter. A full out knee replacement is another choice and before you do that, you  should look at the number of failures and complications that can arise with this operation.”

Joint pain and osteoarthritis have led to the decline in the quality of life for millions of people in the United States with the CDC even advising that, “Arthritis and other rheumatic conditions are a leading cause of work disability among US adults. Arthritis limits the activities of 23.7 million US adults and around 44% of adults with doctor-diagnosed arthritis had arthritis-attributable activity limitations in 2013–2015.” Don’t let arthritis and joint pain dictate your future. Book your consultation today with Dr. David Steenblock and get on the road to a better quality of life. Call 949.367.8870 today.

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