What is a BIOLASE® Waterlase® Laser Technology? 

Over the last 30 years, lasers have been successfully used in a wide variety of medical treatments, that may revolutionize dental surgery. Biolase employs the advantages of laser technology to provide the patient with a much more pleasant dental surgery experience. As a dentist in Boynton Beach, FL use the new dental laser to help decrease the anxiousness and issues of many routine dental surgeries. The majority of people are scared of the handpiece hence the high temperatures, vibrations, and loudness. We will discuss the kinds and benefits of biolase waterlase laser technology in this article.

Hydrokinetic laser innovation – the waterlase® device employs water droplets shot by laser to remove both hard and soft tissues. The laser does not produce any heat, vibrations, or noise. The device was approved for usage by grownups and children in the year 1998 by the FDA. 

Types of BIOLASE 

Dental Lasers BIOLASE water lasers can be used for minimally invasive surgeries. Its three major systems are the WaterLase iPlus, the Waterlase MDX, and the Waterlase MD. The WaterLase iPlus, the most powerful and comprehensive of the three, stands out among the rest. The WaterLase iPlus, according to its website, is the finest dual-wavelength all-tissue laser on the planet; the WaterLase MDX is a fantastic system for endodontists, pedodontists, and periodontists; and the WaterLase MD is the most popular all-tissue laser system globally. BIOLASE utilizes water laser technologies to treat the following: accessing the decay, root canal, etching, cavity, and a range of mechanical and soft tissue treatments. 

Advantages of Biolase 

It has numerous advantages over dental hand tools, including less pain during and after the operation. Often, our patients have minimal pain following the operation, and most do not need an anesthetic. When discomfort occurs, it vanishes shortly. Reduced bleeding and swelling following the operation. It is also more convenient – sometimes cavities and other dental problems take place, even if you clean, floss, and utilize fluoride toothpaste. You might not be able to get another dental appointment since you are so preoccupied with everything going on in your life. No need to be concerned with Waterlase! Waterlase is so gentle that your dentist can help you with most of your oral troubles in only one session. Better bone and gum tissue prophylaxis – increased levels of bacterial contamination lead to less bone loss and gum retraction. 

Compared to treatment with hand instruments, clinical research on individuals with oral ulcers showed quicker recovery and reduced post-operative discomfort. Finally, the Waterlase can be used on adults and children for many dental procedures. The precision is unrivaled.

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