The Several Test Done By The Cardiologist

There are several tests that the cardiologist at cadiocare can order. After all, each one has a specific function, all of which are important for diagnosing diseases. Thus, the most common are:

  • Echocardiogram – This exam allows you to observe different cardiac structures. For example, the valves. Learn more about echocardiography.
  • Electrocardiogram – Analyzes the heartbeat through wires placed on the patient’s skin.
  • Exercise Test – Used to observe any problems when the person is stationary or active.
  • Resonance – Detects something wrong by imaging the chest and heart region.

Thus, the cardiologist will indicate the ideal exams for each patient. After analyzing the described symptoms and lifestyle, it is possible to see if there is a need for these tests.

Main Diseases

At first, there are many problems treated by the cardiologist. In this way, the most common among them stand out:

  • Cardiac insufficiency: In short, it changes the structure and functioning of the heart. Thus, he finds it difficult to carry enough blood.
  • Arrhythmia: A condition that causes changes in the rhythm or frequency of the heartbeat. May have mild or severe symptoms.
  • Infarction: It occurs when blood flow to the heart is interrupted, and the heart does not receive enough blood and oxygen to keep it going. Know five symptoms that can indicate a heart attack.
  • Coronary artery disease: The arrival of blood to the heart is partially or entirely blocked. Thus, it can lead to a heart attack.


First, it is essential to know that the diseases mentioned can be linked to their lifestyle. Thus, one way to prevent these conditions is to perform physical activities and have a good diet. Still, intervention is often needed to treat these diseases. In this way, the cardiologist analyzes each case to find out which type is most suitable. These can be:

  • Diuretics- increase urine production. Thus, excess fluid is eliminated from the body, reducing the effort of the heart.
  • Inhibitors- Decrease the strain on the heart.
  • Blockers- Contain the heart rate of the heart.

Truths And Myths

  • Heart disease in women is more fatal. TRUTH (According to the World Health Organization, 8.5 million women die every year worldwide from these diseases).
  • Energy drinks do not alter your heartbeat. MYTH (A can of energy drink makes the heart strain harder than usual).
  • Anxiety can cause a heart attack. TRUTH (When this occurs in people with risk factors, sudden death can occur).
  • Winter increases disease risk. TRUTH (At this time of year, metabolic activity increases to warm the body. In addition, cold induces spasms in the coronary arteries).
  • The heart doesn’t have cancer. MYTH (Although they are rare, there are cases in which the organ is affected by this disease).

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