The Basics Of 2-Fdck?

2-Fdck isclosely associated with ketamine. It is a kind of dissociative anaesthesia. It is sold across the globe. It is a correspondent of ketamine. In the context of ketamine, 2-Fdck varies in the form of the chemicals/substance found. Ketamine contains chlorine. Whereas 2-Fdck contains fluorine. The complete name of 2-Fdck is  2-(2-fluorophenyl)-2-(methylamino) cyclohexan-1-one.

How to use 2-Fdck?

2-Fdck is available in powder form. The use should be done according to the need of your body. The ideal quantity for consumption is between 1 gm to 50 gm. Not more than that. This substance helps you to reduce pain and signs of depression and anxiety.

Why should you use 2-Fdck?

  1. It helps in curing mental disorders and other problems by providing a serene and peaceful effect.
  2. It helps in increasing our thinking and decision making capacities. Along with that, it also helps in boosting our confidence.
  3. Since it is a kind of anaesthetic drug, it helps in relieving pain.
  4. It reduces signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety and tension.
  5. It helps cure physical intoxication and ecstasy.
  6. It helps in improving and curing the depersonalization state of mind.
  7. It helps in reshaping and improving self-esteem and self-confidence.
  8. It provides spatial and dimensional clarity.
  9. In some cases, a person might feel dissociated with their body. This will provide them with the utmost levels of peace and calmness.
  10. It helps in enhancing creativity.
  11. It gives Deja vu.
  12. It enriches your immersion.
  13. It helps in increasing music appreciation.

The chemical properties of 2-Fdck.

The 2-Fdck is involved in the group of compounds known as arylcyclohexylamines. The 2-Fdck has a similar chemical characterises as ketamine. 2-Fdck constitutes a single cyclohexane ring. It is joint to the ketone group. Along with that, there is an amino group present as well. The cyclohexane category is attached to the phenyl category which constitutes Fluorine. The amino category constitutes a methyl category that forms chemical bonds with the chemical in the cyclohexane ring. The synthesis of the 2-Fdck is done through a process that contains five steps leading to a reaction.

The legal situation of 2-Fdck in different countries.

  1. Germany:-2-Fdck is legal in Germany if it is not purchased and consumed by human beings. It is not a supervised drug under the Narcotics act-BTMG.
  2. Italy:-2-fdck is a supervised and controlled drug.
  3. Switzerland:-2-Fdck is a controlled drug included under the title Verzeichnis E.
  4. Canada:-2-Fdck is recorded under the controlled drug schedule.

Where to get legal 2-Fdck substance from?

Do you want to get a legal 2-fdck substance from a website that is trustworthy and reliable? provides the finest and safest 2-Fdck substance on the internet.

Bottom line.

The 2-Fdck is the latest drug on the market. It differs a bit from ketamine in its structure. However, the uses and benefits are closely linked to each other. Buy 2-Fdck from trusted sources and websites for the best experience.

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