Taking Care of a Lost Crown

Every part of the human body needs to be given some degree of attention to ensure or maintain good health – which cannot be exchanged for anything else. While there are a host of organs that may be affected by some medical conditions, the focus here is dental health particularly as it concerns lost dental crowns in Boise, Idaho. Most times, this occurs as a result of some crushing impact that one’s teeth may experience. You should not hesitate to see a dentist if you are beginning to have a painful sensation due to the lost crown. That aside, there are instances whereby your dental crown moves out of its position to the extent of causing you some breathing difficulty, with the protuberance of the affected tooth apparent – you will certainly need to see a dentist in this regard.

What Needs to be Done?

Before any tangible thing can be done to take care of a lost crown, you will need to make an appointment with a dentist. This first meeting will enable the specialist to carefully examine your condition, and determine how well to address your case. More so, the dentist will seek to know about your medical history and some other relevant details. Once all these have been sorted, you will be given a date for your treatment.

What Does the Treatment Entail?

First and foremost, the dentist will ensure that your oral cavity undergoes thorough cleaning; this sets the tone for the dental crown to be properly cared for. In the instance where the crown is out of its natural position, the dentist will move to have it returned to where it ought to be. In essence, the protuberance will ultimately disappear and you can expect to enjoy a pain-free state of dental health. On the other hand, a replacement crown will be provided or constructed in the case of having a lost dental crown. You can get a replacement artificial crown made of substances like porcelain, or resin and metal.

How will the Dentist Address the Situation?

The dentist will either attempt to provide you with a replacement crown or just fit the misplaced one back in position – it all depends on whether or not you have the missing crown with you. The most commonly used materials for making replacement crowns are metal and acrylic – resin and porcelain can also be used. The whole process of correcting lost or misplaced dental crowns can be completed in under 20 minutes in the office of the dentist.

Observations You Need to Keep

What you do between the period you lost the crown and when you eventually get the issue corrected matters a lot. For one, you should not chew any food substance around the affected part of the oral space. The idea is not to have any debris or food deposit getting into the hole that emerged as a result of the missing dental crown. You can even have some sort of dental wax over this space to prevent debris from entering the hole.

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