Pros and Cons of Liquid and Traditional Rhinoplasty

What’s the right alternative for me, conventional vs. liquid rhinoplasty? As for most plastic surgery procedures, there is no single, across-the-board solution. The best choice for Rhinoplasty Toronto is that which accomplishes your individual targets and facial structure. This article helps you to understand the variations between an injectable nose job and conventional rhinoplasty therapy.

Liquid Nose Job

This is a non-surgical solution which is also called injectable rhinoplasty.


  • Don’t need anesthesia. If you cannot get anesthesia for personal or medical reasons, a liquid nose job might be the only option for you. Moreover, you don’t need to go under-recovery procedure, and you have more control over the procedure. Surgeons also have a mirror that lets you see what’s going on in your nose.
  • Therapy needs just lunch break time. Lunch break therapy is a relatively fast therapy that allows you to carry your day to day activities instantly after therapy. It got this name as you can undergo the treatment during the lunch break and go back to work immediately. A fluid nose job can take up to 15 minutes and have limited redness on sites of injection.
  • Results: if you will not satisfy with the results, then it can be reversed quickly.


  • Temporary: The results are temporary. The effect of the fillers lasts up to 6 months. You have to repeat the therapy every six months.
  • Strictly cosmetic: These dermal fillers are a completely cosmetic procedure. You must undergo surgery if you require functional rhinoplasty to solve obstructions or blockages.
  • Complications: The chances of complication are minimal when injecting fillers are in the hand of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Thus when you get a liquid nose job done, you must pay close attention.

Traditional Rhinoplasty

It includes a surgical approach that allows the doctor to correct the nose’s cartilage, tissue, or structure.


  • Permanent consequences: The changes are lasting and permanent. Many patients earn a loving nose for a lifetime.
  • The effect is drastic. The surgeon can make more choices by this procedure and can make corrections more effectively.
  • Cosmetic and practical: Surgical nose jobs are not only dramatic but realistic. A top-down facial plastic surgeon may fix small nasal passages or typical rhinoplasty problems.
  • Combination procedures: A surgeon may tell you to get the combination of procedures and heal at once. Nose, chin, and facelift procedures are typically combined.


Surgical treatments always have risks and complications than non-surgical procedures. It is possible to have infections. Moreover, it has a high initial cost, and recovery is a bit longer than non-surgical procedures.

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