Professional Biologics Platform Management On All Program Aspects

The necessity of health care providers to use biologics created room for in-office biologics management. Total Ancillary responded to the available opportunity and specialized in providing turn-key biologics platform management of all aspects of the clinic program allowing the practitioners to focus on the patient. The professional fluid flow injection services provided come with several benefits, including enhanced patient care, workload decrease, cost reduction, and increased revenue. The effective management of the whole system works to ensure the smooth running and growth of the clinic and the proper patient care that translates to a quick recovery. Some of the components of biologics management include:

Skin substitute program

The program provides a fluid flow injection in a revolutionizing in-office podiatric wound care way. Doctors who choose the revolutionized skincare option get several advantages from the platform, giving their clients the best treatment services. First, the doctors have more covered product options to offer the patients and cost-effectively treat more patients. In addition, the doctors get to promote better clinical outcomes than those produced by traditional wound care. All the benefits get accomplished with total Ancillary proprietary software that matches products to each patient-covered insurance plan individually.


The fluid flow injection total Ancillary platform provides a comprehensive, unbiased list of product options in one central location. The location also effectively calculates the clinic profits and patient responsibility for each product in a comparison page containing patient insurance information, product pricing, and reimbursement rates based on the fee schedule. The information provides the surgeons with the right tools to decide which manufactured product is most appropriate for each patient’s surgical needs.


The entire line of cutting-edge products provides clinics with fluid GF amniotic fluid allograft derived from the amniotic liquid within the placenta. The products get provided in a vial, ready-to-use flowable graft that contains no thawing or prep requirements. Also, the liquid gets provided in an easy-to-apply flowable form to facilitate easy delivery throughout the intended site. The easy to apply ability enables the clinicians to avoid the fluid flow injection wastage through spillage in unwanted areas. In addition, the product has a long life of one-year shelf life and requires room temperature storage until ready for use.

DME & Supplies

The partnership of Total Ancillary with MPM has yielded the best-in-class fluid flow injection wound care products for clinics nationwide. MPM oversees the development, marketing, and high-quality sales of the competitively priced products that improve wound healing ability with a massive reduction in patient pain and suffering. The quality products get to heal wound injuries quickly, preventing them from growing into unbearable health issues. There is no better wound care and healing procedure than using high-quality products that enable the body to go back to before the injury occurred and all the pains caused entirely handled.  The products have brought significant advancement in medical wound handling procedures, making it simple to resolve wound-related accidents.

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