Hypogonadism and Common Therapy Options

Whether you have low testosterone or hypogonadism, testosterone therapy may benefit you. It can improve your health by reducing heart disease risk, boosting libido, and improving bone density. But testosterone therapy can also cause side effects.

Testosterone therapy is commonly administered through a skin patch or injection. Testosterone levels are naturally low in men as they age. Testosterone therapy can increase the amount of testosterone in your body, allowing you to feel younger and more energetic. Testosterone therapy can also improve your libido, which is useful for sexually active men. Testosterone therapy is available in a variety of prescription forms, including injections, patches, and pills.

Testosterone therapy is a lifelong treatment, so you will need to keep monitoring your levels. Your doctor may recommend that you have a blood test every few months. He may also ask you to have an imaging study done to find the source of your low testosterone. A doctor from a men’s clinic in Cincinnati may also suggest testosterone therapy if you have a family history of heart disease.

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands and ovaries. Men produce 3 to 11 milligrams of testosterone per day. The level of testosterone in the blood drops by about one percent per year as men age. Testosterone treatment has been shown to reduce cardiovascular events in men 40 and older. But the long-term benefits of testosterone treatment on heart disease and prostate cancer are not clear.

Testosterone therapy has been studied to improve bone density and anemia in older men. It can also improve blood clotting. It can help improve cognitive function and mood in chronic disease patients. It has also been shown to increase lean body mass. But long-term follow-up studies show no increase in cardiovascular events or major health problems.

Testosterone gel is used for testosterone therapy. The gel comes in clear packets, pumps, and skin patches. The gel is applied to the skin and absorbed through the nose or mouth. The gel is usually 30 milligrams, and should be applied 12 hours apart. The gel can also be applied to the upper arm. However, the gel can cause headaches, gum irritation, and exposure of the skin where the gel is applied.

Testosterone therapy is usually recommended for men with hypogonadism, which is a low testosterone level. Men with low testosterone can experience a variety of symptoms, including decreased muscle mass, hair loss, infertility, low sex drive, trouble concentrating, and low self-confidence. It can also decrease your motivation and reduce the quality of your erections.

Testosterone replacement therapy is usually administered by injections, patches, and skin creams. It is also available as pellets that are implanted under the skin. Testosterone is absorbed through the skin, and can cause side effects in women. Typically, testosterone replacement therapy is lifelong, but it can improve your health and improve your libido. The FDA has ordered testosterone manufacturers to revise their labels to include information on heart attack and stroke risks.

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