Hair Removal: Should You Opt for a Permanent Option?

Hair removal is one of those chores lots of women dread. But when summer is on the way, it’s worth thinking about the different methods available, so you can remove hair quickly and efficiently. Should you consider permanent hair removal? Here are some of the pros and cons.

Laser hair removal is much improved

Laser hair removal used to be painful and wasn’t always effective in the long-term, but in recent years, the technology is much improved. Visit a laser clinic Sydney and treatments are short, while being almost pain-free, and the results are much better. Nowadays, laser hair removal also works on people with all skin tones and those with different hair colours, so it’s worth trying if you weren’t able to get it before.

Other alternatives can soon add up

One concern that people often have about permanent hair removal is that it’s expensive. But there are also big costs concerned with other hair removal methods:

  • Waxing – you’ll either need to buy the supplies for yourself, or visit a salon which can be extremely pricey
  • Shaving – shaving is probably the cheapest option, but over time, buying things like razor refills, oils and creams soon adds up
  • Epilation – home epilators are expensive, almost costing as much as laser treatments, and they generally only last a few years. Epilation is also painful, and many women find it inefficient

You should also consider the time you spend on each method. If you’re someone who has quite thick hair that grows back quickly, then it can feel like you are constantly fighting a battle, so getting a permanent removal might be the best solution. But if you’re lucky and don’t have as much body hair, you might not be so concerned.

Cut your beauty routine down

One of the main reasons people invest in more permanent beauty solutions, whether that’s lash extensions or semi-permanent makeup, is that your beauty routine is so much easier. Next time you go on holiday you can be happy with your image, there’s no need to visit the salon for waxing, you’re simply ready to go, and you never have to be embarrassed because you’ve forgotten to shave somewhere.

Laser hair removal is becoming a popular option for women who are sick of razors and spending hundreds at the salon, so why not consider it for yourself? It’s almost painless and takes just a few sessions, then you can get on with life, without worrying about stray hairs.

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