All you need to know about SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation?

1- Who is a suitable candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP?

Those trading with hair thinning, alopecia, and visual scalp scarring from hair transplants or surgeries will help most from SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation. “The main place of reference for guys is the hairline and crown,” Jara speaks. “For females, it’s usually the temples and the place where they always part their hair.”

If you own an underlying skin disease though, move with notice. “The kind of patient who may like to talk to their dermatologist first has a lot of keloid scarring and brings what we call a ‘spontaneous keloid’ from something as small as an acne scar,” states Dr Henry. There are even potential dangers for those with busy eczema or psoriasis, she says since they tend to flare up in places of trauma.

2- Does SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation function if you already have hair?

The quick answer is definitely. There is a range of choices relying on the practice of hair loss. Those with a thinning head of hair can keep follicles tattooed onto places where there is still hair development to make the impression of dense volume (also understood as “Hair Density Scalp Micropigmentation“). Practitioners can even just zero in on the hairline and enhance how strands prepare the face, tells Jara. “Alternatively, a full shave may be required for the dots to examine natural and blend seamlessly with the remainder of the hair,” she counts.

3- What is the process for SMP?

The week showing up to a Micropigmentation work should be set aside for hanging your scalp into a smooth-as-possible base. Jara suggests moisturizing and stopping the use of topical hair creations (medicated and non-medicated). Also, she states, don’t consume alcohol, which thins your blood, the day before or after your assignment.

Dr Henry echoes this direction but also cautions against utilising exfoliating effects. “You don’t require forceful scalp scrubs or any medicines that might cause hives, including those with retinol or alpha hydroxy acids,” she suggests to Allure.

Once in the chair, be ready to pose still for a while. “Relying on the size of the area being operated on, each session can carry anywhere from one to 5 hours,” Jara describes. For the most surprising developments, two to three sessions are usually required.

The first recreates out like this: the SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation artist reaches the ink to the colour of your current follicles and skin tone. “In the initial sitting, we generally use a more delicate shade and tattoo with sufficient space in between each image to see how the scalp eventually heals,” states Jara. Then a pen-style tattoo device embeds the ink into the scalp. Hernandez claims that it’s fairly painless.

“Everyone’s pain patience is other, but I’ve had clients fall asleep during their whole process,” she states. “It’s more of a grinding feeling than a melancholy one but sites such as the temples are understood to be more susceptible.” There shouldn’t be any undue bleeding applied during the process, but the redness is normal.

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