4 Ways to Make Your Skin Look Younger

Your skin is one of the first things people notice about you, but as you age, you often find issues from fine line to imperfections. But the good news is, you can reverse a lot of the issues with your skin. Here are some tips for turning back the clock a little and making your skin look younger.

  1. Fix sun damage

If you spent a lot of time in the sun during your younger days, and didn’t like putting on sun cream, you may have sun damage. Sun damage is quite common, and luckily, there are products that can repair this damage. Exfoliating helps remove damaged, dead skin, while products with vitamin A can improve the skin as it renews. If you have severe damage, you might want to consider laser treatment or a chemical peel to renew your skin.

  1. Smooth your skin

Smoothing your skin and removing imperfections such as dark spots can go a long way to making your skin look younger. Using a whitening mask sheet (called แผ่นมาร์คหน้าขาว in Thai) once or twice a week can give you much smoother, even skin, and can help with a number of skin conditions.

  1. Plump up your skin

When you are young, your skin has lots of collagen, which gives it a plump, youthful appearance. As you get older, your skin naturally loses this fat and gets thinner, which is why older faces tend to look gaunter. You can therefore get a more youthful look by using products that contain collagen, which gives you a younger look.

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Your skin is an organ, the largest one in your body. This means, if you take care of your health, your skin will stay younger for longer.

This includes:

  • Drinking enough water
  • Getting exercise to improve circulation
  • Eating your seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  • Avoiding sugar and cutting down on alcohol
  • Take a multivitamin daily

Follow these guidelines and you’ll soon notice how much better your skin looks.

Even if your skin already shows signs of ageing, there are ways that you can slow down and even reverse the damage. By taking care of yourself and using the right products and treatments, you’ll find you start glowing from the inside out, and people will no doubt notice how much younger you look. Find anti-ageing products with collagen, take your daily vitamins, and your hard work will pay off.

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