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PERENNIAL MEDICINES Inc, is a federally registered,
Non-Profit Organization


Simply because of Homeopathy’s tradition. It has passed the test of time in dating back 100’s of years and it continues to have substantial and permanent curing powers. ( see “THE ALCHEMY IN HOMEOPATHY” ) Also, everyone knows many patients and physicians are searching for alternatives in medicine. In fact, many western physicians have admitted to health care consultants that they often give out antibiotics when they are not called for just to satisfy the patient, as they simply have no other alternative. But times are changing! Many allopathic physicians are searching for better methods of treatment. In fact, over 53% of training programs for physicians now have alternative medicine as an elective. Perennial Medicines plans to promote homeopathy to medical schools, physician residency programs, and existing practicing physicians.

To promote Classical Homeopathy and to bring Truth in Medicine to the forefront, we will:

Increase the DEMAND for Homeopathy:

BUILD UP 1000’S OF CURED CASES: by implementing a strategic marketing plan we will build 1000’s of cured cases through our main case taking website, Homeopathy Cured Cases. Com. The volume of cured cases should be indisputable to someone looking for alternative medicines.

EDUCATE THE GENERAL PUBLIC: by advertising to a targeted group of people likely to have an interest in homeopathy, we will provide an avenue for the general public to read about specific illnesses that have been cured by homeopathy, here on this site. Along with our database of practitioners, our goal is to direct as many people as possible to homeopathic practitioners.

Increase the SUPPLY of Classical Homeopathic Practitioners
We will implement a strategic advertising and marketing plan to direct non-homeopathic physicians to read cured cases. A website will be developed specifically for physicians looking for alternative medicines that will include promotional, educational and statistical information on homeopathy and its success. It will promote courses in homeopathy that teach methods of practicing homeopathy that have been shown to be superior. Also we will promote homeopathy to all the medical schools and residency programs in the U.S.A.

Promote the BEST of Homeopathy:

By completing extensive research and as appropriate, use independent reputable health care consulting firms, too promote the best of homeopathy.

This research will include: Methods used for case taking and prescribing by determining the success rate of each method, methods for completing Proving of remedies, Classical vs. Non-classical Homeopathy, and Combination remedies. (see About Homeopathy)

Defend Homeopathy and Disprove false claims made about various types of medicine:

When necessary, we will defend homeopathy against any false claims made by any organization(s) or individual(s), that has been deemed to be formidable in their attempts to disprove homeopathy.

This will include researching and providing statistics and general information on many issues that are not true about all types of medicine. It will include articles, news letters and other information on Conventional/Westernized medicine, and false claims made about other forms of medicine when appropriate.

Increase the acceptance of homeopathy by insurance companies and government entities:

While many plans cover or reimburse patients for homeopathic care, there are many conditions that restrict or limit the availability of coverage. This is critical to the growth of homeopathy and when necessary we will lobby for changes.


Perennial medicines was established by a private individual who will continue to fund it’s growth on an as needed basis. However, extensive plans to promote homeopathy will require outside funding so donations are greatly appreciated. Donations will never be solicited!

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